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"Like a Mexican wedding": psychosocial intervention needs of predominately Hispanic low-income female co-survivors of cancer

We had originally planned to limit focus group participation of each family well asresources needed, were typically given in response to our firs...

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asa s-shape, m determines the upper limit of..."Convergence and Divergence of Regional Income ...Journal of Human Resources 31(3): 540-548. 19...

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Essays in information security

modeled as a fine because of the loss of opportunity for the criminal to earn income through legal or illegal ...Hence, the firm prefers to limit the damage caused by investing in backup resources, instead of trying to provide ...

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An Exploratory Study of Barriers and Incentives to Improving Labor Force Participation Among Persons with Significant Disabilities

(GA)) are "means-tested"-eligibility requires that the individual's or household's income and other resources fall...Issues regarding accountability for and efficient use of public funds are often raised as reasons to limit consumer ...

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Policy Statement CPS-022, Political Activities

Guidelines for registered charities on political activities including: allowable limits under the Income Tax Act; how we distinguish between political and charitable activities; and the extent to which charities can usefully contribut...

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A Mathematical Model for Estimating the Number of Health Workers Required for Universal Antiretroviral Treatment

which limit the admission of health workers from ...Human Resources for Health 1 (1): 8. Tawfik,...income countries, SA = South Africa, SS = ...

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Fiscal Federalism in South Africa

income taxes and the VAT.45 As tax assignment ...limit the borrowing activities of the national ...The scarcity of resources, paired with the ...

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Native Title Tax Reforms: Bull's Eye or Wide of the Mark?

55 LexisNexis, Energy and Resources Law, above income and one received for a capital item ...(goods).136 Now, the administrative limit also ...

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