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Characterization of designer biochar produced at different temperatures and their effects on a loamy sand.

The total negative surface charge was † Mention of a specific product or vendor does not constitute a guarantee or ...was extensively weathered (X-ray diffraction method; Soil Characterization Laboratory, The Ohio State University, C...

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Making the ‘MOST’ out of RFID technology: a research agenda for the study of the adoption, usage and impact of RFID

SAP University Thought Leadership Supply Chain Paper, Center for Supply Chain Research, Pennsylvania State University, ...A related paper is entitled “Vendor relationship management: the role of shared history and the value of return...

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Using Tickets to Enforce the Serializability of Multidatabase Transactions

Consider the stateof a subtransaction that has success- fully nished all its operations but is neither committed nor ...Neither inclusion 2Wound-Wait deadlock avoidance technique 31] may abort a trans- of a product or a vendor in thi...

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Library Services and Technology Act Plan for Wisconsin, 1997-2002.

This document outlines the five-year Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) plan for the stateof Wisconsin. Following a profile of the libraries in...

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Automated application-level checkpointing of MPI programs

state where a message has been received but not yet sent, a situation that can never hap- pen in a real execution.... this would limit the porta- bility of our checkpointer and would keep the programmer from using vendor-provided,...

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