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Steroid injections and allergies


A comparison of the effects of botulinum toxin A andsteroidinjection on nasal allergy.

To compare the effects of botulinum toxin A (BTX-A) with intranasal steroidinjections on nasal symptoms in patients with allergic rhinitis (AR). A rand...

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Pocket Handbook of Spinal Injections

■■ Allergies to shellfish do not increase the risk of reaction to intravenous contrast any more than that of other ­allergies (Table 4.3). Table 4.3  Injectable Contrast Dyes...CHAPTER 6 Cervical Injections Gautam Kothari and Lisa...

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Clostridial neurotoxin for use in the treatment of nasal congestion

YANG T Y ET AL: "A comparison of the effects of botulinum toxin A andsteroidinjection on nasal allergy", ... food allergies, allergic dermatitis and sneezing, coughing and itching related to allergic reactions in a mammal, wherein...

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Standard treatments for scars include the use of surgery, pressure therapy, silicone devices, intra-lesional steroidinjections, radiotherapy and pulsed-dye laser treatments (2, 3).The ...(4) the grafting of autologous adipose tissue ...

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Intranasal injection of steroid for nasal allergy

Intranasal injection of steroid for nasal allergyY.G. MinY.K. Kim...

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Gadolinium use in spine procedures for patients with allergy to iodinated contrast--experience of 127 procedures

We reviewed our records over a 4-year period of interlaminar and foraminal epidural steroidinjections, nerve blocks, facet injections, intercostal blocks, and diskograms in the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spine for cases in which...

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[0007] In the past ten years, the number of pets presenting at veterinary surgeries with food allergies has been rising: "It has been estimated that 20-75% of small animals ... [0018] If the elimination diet route is unsuccessful, th...

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A patient with steroidsand antihistaminic drug allergyand newly occurred chronic urticaria angioedema: What about Omalizumab?

positive results in skin tests for steroids, and also positive oral provocation test results for many drugs with allergic reaction history showed that our patient had the rare condition...Although the fact that a large number of late...

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Intraturbinate Use of Steroids in Nasal Allergy

Intraturbinate Use of Steroids in Nasal AllergyHumansNose DiseasesHypersensitivityDexamethasonePrednisoloneInjectionsAdolescentAdultFemaleMale****doi:10.1017/S0022215100065567B. S. GillCambridge University PressThe Journal of Laryngol...

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Basic Principles of Joint and Soft Tissue Injection Procedures

Allergies to local anesthetics – the real truth/Les allergies aux anesthésiques locaux – la vraie vérité. Can J Anesth 2003; 50:869–874. CrossRef Dance D, Basti S, Koch ... Raynauld JP, Buckland-Wright C, Ward R, Choquette D, H...

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