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Student empowerment


Linking Community and Classroom in Higher Education: Service-Learning and StudentEmpowerment

In this article, service learning is viewed as a means to better prepare students for the realities of work life. Service learning is a way in which abs...

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Peer assessment and group work as vehicles for studentempowerment: A module evaluation

This article reflects upon the introduction of two empowering styles of teaching in a newly developed interdisciplinary module for students of geography...

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Studentempowerment in an environmental science classroom: Toward a framework for social justice science education

Social justice education is undertheorized in science education. Given the wide range of goals and purposes proposed within both social justice educatio...

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Making the transition to higher education: opportunities for studentempowerment.

Abstract This article focuses on the transition process for high school students with learning disabilities as they move from secondary to postsecondary...

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Thesis (M.A.)--Tennessee Technological University, 1986. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 80-83).

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Social customer relationship management and studentempowerment in online learning systems

ABSTRACT Social customer relationship management (social CRM) empowers customers (students) to participate in teaching and learning processes. The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of social CRM on online learning syste...

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Students direct inclusive school development in an Australian secondary school: An example of studentempowerment

This paper reports on processes employed at a secondary state high school in Australia, where students directed inclusive school development. The proced...

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Possibilities and Pitfalls: A Comparative Analysis of StudentEmpowerment

Although U.S. schools typically express commitment to preparing students for the responsibilities of democratic citizenship, most American youth are soc...

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Reflective Teaching for StudentEmpowerment: Elementary Curriculum and Methods

Reflective teaching for studentempowerment: Elementary curriculum and methods. Post aComment. CONTRIBUTORS: Author: Ross, Dorene D. Author: Bondy, Elizabeth. Author: Kyle,Diane W. PUBLISHER: Macmillan (New York and Toronto and New Yo...

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Computer learning networks and studentempowerment

A major development in computer-assisted language learning has been the expanded use of the computer as a medium of communication. This, in turn, allows...

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