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Submandibular lymph node


[The rat submandibularlymphnode after introduction in mandibular bone defect ultipotent mesenchymal cells adsorbed on polyhydroxya...

The reactions of rat regional lymphnodes, caused by implantation of the autologous multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells of a bone marrow origin (AMMSC...

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[Application of fluorescence probe marked by quantum dots to detect early submandibularlymphnode metastasis in a nude mouse model].

Objective A fluorescence probe marked with a specific angle protein antibody by using quantum dots QDs605-CK(AE1/AE3) was utilized to detect metastasis ...

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Objective:To detect disseminated tumor cells(DTC)in submandibular-lymphnode tissues of oral carcinoma mouse model and to investigate the relationship b...

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Mast cell tumor (MCT) of the oral mucosa with submandibularlymphnode metastasis in a dog.

Pabilonia KL, Podell BK, Powers BE.

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Ameloblastic carcinoma,primary type in mandible,with malignant submandibularlymphnode metastasis

Ameloblastic carcinoma-primary type is a rare odontogenic epithelial malignant tumor,with few clinical reports.We reported a case of ameloblastic carcin...

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Primary B-Cell Lymphoma of SubmandibularLymphNode in a Water Deer ( Hydropotes inermis )

Abstract We describe a B-cell lymphoma of a submandibularlymphnode with metastasis to the lung and facial subcutaneous tissues in a water deer ( Hydropotes inermis ). Neoplastic cells contained pleomorphic lymphocytes that were posi...

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5-Fu concentration in submandibular lymphatic nodes and tongue after continuous infusion via lingual artery or femoral vein

Objective: To compare the concentrations in submandibular lymphatic nodes and tongue after continuously infusion of 5-Fu via lingual artery or femoral v...

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Intranodal Palisaded Myofibroblastoma in a SubmandibularLymphNode

Intranodal palisaded myofibroblastoma (IPM), also known as ???intranodal hemorrhagic spindle cell tumor with amianthoid fibers,??? is a rare benign mese...

Stars: 85 Updated: February 24th,2018

Carotid Body Tumor Masquerading As An Isolated SubmandibularLymphNode- A Case Report And Literature Review

Abstract Carotid body tumors (CBT) are very rare tumors and CBT masquerading as a submandibularlymphnode are even rarer. The authors report a case of a middle aged male who was referred to the Otolaryngology department for investiga...

Stars: 138 Updated: February 24th,2018

Primary Intraosseous Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Mandible Found by Swollen SubmandibularLymphNodes

Abstract A 54-year-old man, seen for right submandibular swelling and pain, noted swelling enlargement and lymphnode swelling in his right neck within ...

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