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Business intelligence system and method

A Business Intelligence requirements specification system for utilisation in conjunction with the operations of an organisation, the specification system including: at least one of four independent interactive modules supporting inter...

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Electronic Purses:

on average cardholders did not even spend one dollar per card per month ...The target for end 1997 (4.5 million) was only reached in May 1998, and...60. Banksys expects the list of accepting merchants to grow to around 80 ...

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Nervous man in a fourdollar room

List of Twilight Zone episodes "Nervous Man in a FourDollar Room" is an episode of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone. According to the book The Twilight Zone: Unlocking the Door to a Television Classic by ...

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Economic growth and environmental degradation in Canada: an empirical analysis of the environmental Kuznets curve

All dollar amounts recorded in this study are in...A report, A Climate Change Plan for 15 Sources...Canada‟s target is an average of 6% below 1990...

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Japanese borrowers, can you reveal your funding target for the next fiscal ...guaranteed market, so we are very keen to add that to our list of ...But are there other, new sources of dollar bond demand that remain untapped...

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Transforming and Restructuring Data

Most generally, data can be defined as list of numerical and/or categorical...This opens up a dialog box with blank fields forTarget Variable and ...a dollar sign ($) before the variable list, as in the following example...

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The Millennium Development Goals and Aid Allocation: Which donors give high-quality aid?

As in Alesina and Dollar (2000) and Dollar and Levin (2004), we use ...Note that the first target of the MDGs is poverty reduction and the ...8See of goals.htm for ...

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Adding Temporal Constraints to XML Schema

for a type, T , is a list of XPath ...An item identifier has a target and at least ...(in dollar terms) placed with that supplier (...

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Monetary Policy Today: Sixteen Questions and about Twelve Answers

still need to decide whether to join the ranks of the inflation targeters....See Freytag and and Masciandaro (2005, p. 2) for a more complete list...Especially in the case of a major, actively-traded currency like the dollar...

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ITB Policy: Value Proposition Guide

The ITB Policy is a new, powerful investment attraction tool for Canada. It will ensure that purchases of defence equipment and services results in economic growth, innovation and success in export markets. The ITB Policy will encoura...

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