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The influence of media


TheInfluenceofMedia Violence on Youth

Abstract Research on violent television and films, video games, and music reveals unequivocal evidence that media violence increases the likelihood of a...

Stars: 48 Updated: January 23rd,2018

To be or not to be trusted: Theinfluenceofmedia richness on defection and deception

When business transactions take place between strangers, individuals rely on the cues during communication to determine whether they can trust others鈥 ...

Stars: 108 Updated: January 23rd,2018

Theorizing theInfluenceofMedia on World PoliticsModels ofMediaInfluence on Foreign Policy

ABSTRACT Debate over the extent to which the mass media serves elite interests or, alternatively, plays a powerful role in shaping political outcomes h...

Stars: 116 Updated: January 23rd,2018

Body image, eating disorders, and the drive for muscularity in gay and heterosexual men: theinfluenceofmedia images.

This Internet research project examined the relationship between consumption of muscle and fitness magazines and/or various indices of pornography and b...

Stars: 151 Updated: January 23rd,2018

Theinfluenceofmedia reporting ofthe suicide of a celebrity on suicide rates: a population-based study.

Abstract BACKGROUND: Theimpactofmedia reporting of suicides of entertainment celebrities may affect suicide rates due to an imitation effect. We inve...

Stars: 133 Updated: January 23rd,2018

Assessment oftheinfluenceofmedia particle size on the biofiltration of odorous exhaust ventilation air from a piggery facility.

Abstract Two pilot scale biofiltration systems were constructed and installed at the University College Dublin Research Farm, Lyons Estate. Experimental...

Stars: 165 Updated: January 23rd,2018

Theinfluenceofmedia coverage of a celebrity suicide on subsequent suicide attempts.

OBJECTIVE: To investigate theimpactofmedia reporting of a celebrity suicide on subsequent suicide attempts. METHOD: A Poisson time series autoregress...

Stars: 108 Updated: January 23rd,2018

Theinfluenceofmedia reporting of a celebrity suicide on suicidal behavior in patients with a history of depressive disorder

BACKGROUND: Few studies have directly assessed the impact of a specific media report in vulnerable people. This study investigates possible influences o...

Stars: 160 Updated: January 23rd,2018

Narrative Policy Framework: TheInfluenceofMedia Policy Narratives on Public Opinion

Policy narratives are pervasive in the policy arena with interest group letters, speeches, and media reports. The role policy narratives play is becomin...

Stars: 108 Updated: January 23rd,2018

Theinfluenceofmedia on suicide

Abstract Reporting and portrayal of suicidal behaviour in themedia may have potentially negative influences and facilitate suicidal acts by people exposed to such stimuli. Recent systematic reviews by others and ourselves (unpublishe...

Stars: 39 Updated: January 23rd,2018

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