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The plasma membrane is a bilayer


Mechanisms of attack and defence at thecell surface: The use of phospholipid bilayers as models for cellmembrane

Electrical conductivity across phospholipid bilayers induced by various cytotoxic proteins has been used to analyse the damaging action of such proteins...

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Cellmembranes, Lipid Bilayers, and the Elastica Functional

We study an energy functional that arises in a simplified two-dimensional model for lipid bilayermembranes. We demonstrate that this functional, defined on a class of spatial mass densities, favours concentrations on thin structures...

Stars: 75 Updated: February 21st,2018

Regulation of the transbilayer movement of diacylglycerol in theplasmamembrane

This mini-review presents recent advances in the regulation of themembrane transbilayer movement (or flip-flop) of diacylglycerol (DAG), a key intermed...

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Molecular dynamics study of lipid bilayers modeling theplasmamembranes of mouse hepatocytes and hepatomas

The tilt was defined by the angle between the normal to thebilayer and the vector connecting steroid carbons 3 and 17. Open circles, hepatocyte plasmamem- brane; closed circles, ...The lower value for DL for hepatoma membranes with ...

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Reconstitution of aplasma-membrane H(+)-ATPase into bilayer lipid membrane

The -ATPase of has been reconstituted into planar bilayer by means of the technique described by Finkelstein and his collaborators (Zimmerberg et al., 1...

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Osteoblast cellmembrane hybrid bilayers for studying cell-cell interactions.

Osteoblast-like cells were grown on a surface that presents cell membrane components to the cells in culture. The culture surface was a bimolecular layer formed by the interaction of osteoblast plasmamembrane vesicles with an alkanet...

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The Transbilayer Distribution of Glucosylceramide in Plant PlasmaMembrane

Glucosylceramides, the predominant sphingolipids in plant tissues, are quantitatively important structural components of theplasmamembrane and tonoplast. Here, we describe studies undertaken to determine the transbilayer distributio...

Stars: 95 Updated: February 21st,2018

The quantum casimir effect may bea universal force organizing thebilayer structure of thecellmembrane

Abstract A mathematic-physical model of the interaction between cellmembranebilayer leaflets is proposed based on the Casimir effect in dielectrics. T...

Stars: 131 Updated: February 21st,2018

A simple atomistic model for the simulation of the gel phase of lipid bilayers

In this paper we present the results of a large-scale numerical investigation of structural properties of a model of cellmembrane, simulated as a bilay...

Stars: 101 Updated: February 21st,2018

Lipid BilayerMembranes: Their Permeability Properties as Related to Those of CellMembranes

Of the models that have been investigated over the years, the lipid bilayermembrane (which is currently in vogue) has by far proved to bethe most suitable and interesting—suitable, because a lipid bilayeristhe major structural fe...

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