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The rotation of uranus is peculiar in that


Numerical models of zonal flow dynamos: an application to the ice giants

The dipolar component is typically weak, and strongly tilted from the axis ofrotation. Most ofthe cases we present result in low Alfvén and Elsasser numbers, in agreement with previous studies of nondipolar dynamos. Our results s...

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Pluto's Honor

Those ofUranusare named for Shakespearean characters, while the lone moon of Pluto, Charon, is named for the boatman... Peculiar enough for you? I'm not finished. Pluto's orbit has a tilt thatis seventeen degrees out ofthe plane ...

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Torques and angular momentum: Counter-rotationin galaxies and ring galaxies

It would also indicate thatthe star formation triggered inthe tidal features external to the counter-rotating galaxy ...(e.g. Figure 1), but in this paper we test our hypothesis with respect to these two peculiar features observed i...

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Using a Statistical Accretion Model to Predict the Existence of Undetected Moons around Uranusinthe Vicinity of Mab

They compared the observed positions with an orbital model that includes gravitational flattening ofUranus. Although this model works well for nine other Uranian moons, for Mab the ... We used the results ofthe SAM to run time-integ...

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The Uranian system - an overview

Uranus Atmosphere, Uranus Rings, Uranus Satellites, Atmospheric Circulation, Atmospheric Temperature, Dynamo Theory, Planetary Cores, Planetary Rotation, Solar Planetary Interactions, Solar ...The magnetic field produces a magnetosph...

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Observing Planetary Systems

In particular for Uranus they may witness the mechanism leading to thepeculiar tilt of its rotation axis. The large spin obliquity ofUranus (98 degrees) is usually attributed to a...In those cases where therotationofthe primary s...

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Multifrequency Studies ofthePeculiar Quasar 4C +21.35 During the 2010 Flaring Activity

Visual inspection ofthe plot seems to show thatin general periods of high flux correspond to periods of relatively high polarization degree and only small rotationofthe polarization...The conversion to the standard flux density sc...

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A Map ofthe Universe

Since any two vectors ∆W1 and ∆W2 at the point W will berotated by the same amount when they are put on ...A sprinkling of Kuiper belt objects extend all the way into the space between the orbit ofUranus and Saturn (the "...positi...

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Post eclipse thermal response of Uranian satellites with SINFONI: a status report .

Uranus atmosphere with the change of sea- son. Due to thepeculiar tilt ofUranus, mu- tual events for the Uranian satellites can be observed just near the epoch of equinoxes (...Observations ofthe thermal response of a planetary sur...

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Accretion ofUranus and Neptune from inward-migrating planetary embryos blocked by Jupiter and Saturn

Reproducing Uranus and Neptune remains a challenge for simulations of solar system formation. The ice giants' peculiar obliquities suggest that they bot...

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