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Tie beam design


Analysis and Design of deep beam by using Strut and Tie Method

Abstract : Experimental research was conducted to determine the strength of deep beamdesigned by using strut -and -tie method. The work was done in two phases. The first phase consists of design of simply supported deep beams by usin...

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A fully stressed design method to determine the optimum strut-and-tie model for beam-column connections

A fully stressed design method to determine the optimum strut-and-tie model for beam-column connectionsTopological designperformance indexfully stressed designstrut-and-tie modelreinforcement designTopology optimization and strut-and-...

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Strut and Tie Model for Deep BeamDesign

The strut-and-tie method (STM) is a fairly new concept for many U.S. structural engineers. Specific code requirements for the use of STM to design reinf...

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The strut-and-tie method can be used for the design of Disturbed regions (D-regions) of structures where the basic assumption of flexure theory, namely plane sections remaining plane before and after bending, does not hold true. Such ...

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The Design of Pier Template and Foundation Beam (TieBeam) of Large - Diameter Belled Pier

By analysing the bearing condition of pier cap and foundation beam(tiebeam), this article gives the design approach of pier cap and foundation beam (ti...

Stars: 116 Updated: February 16th,2018

Minimum-Weight Design of Multipurpose Tie-Beam of Solid Cross-Section

The paper presents the minimum-weight design of an elastic, simply-supported member of solid cross-section that is to act as a tie for a part of its des...

Stars: 90 Updated: February 16th,2018

Strut-and-tie modelling for the analysis and design of RC beam-column joints

Design formulae available in building codes and literature differ considerably in functional form, do not consider all of the key variables that affect the joint response, and broadly ...A mathematical model based on the strut-and-tie...

Stars: 99 Updated: February 16th,2018

Strut and tie models for analysis/design of external beam-column joints

Abstract Strut and tie models have been developed for external beam-column joints with and without joint stirrups. The modelling is fraught with difficu...

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TieBeamDesign of Main Bridge of Ningbo Mingzhou Bridge

Ningbo Mingzhou Bridge is a half through tie bar steel arch bridge with coupled arch rib and the main span of 450 m. The tiebeam plays an important role in balancing structure horizontal thrust, and moreover, the tiebeamdesign and ...

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Strut-and-Tie Models for Deep BeamDesign

Truss models have long been used as tools for the analysis and design of reinforced concrete members. In the past 20 years, the use of the truss analogy...

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