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The Research and Realization of TA (NIM) System of National Atomic Time Standard of China

order, approaches to international standards.

Stars: 116 Updated: November 23rd,2017

Enhancements to the GPS block IIR timekeepingsystem

In addition, because the TKS control loop is implemented in software, it ...Enhancements to the GPS Block IIR TimekeepingSystemPETZINGER J, REITH R, ...

Stars: 66 Updated: November 23rd,2017

Tracking system for persons and/or objects

A tracking system that tracks persons and/or objects of interest without the need for triangulation techniques is disclosed. The tracking system utilizes very low power active radio frequency tags with limited effective broadcast rang...

Stars: 55 Updated: November 23rd,2017

Design and Implementation of the Timekeeping Experiment Platform

an automatic monitor experiment system has been built by analyzing hardware and software of timekeepingsystem.This platform,which possesses the timekee...

Stars: 83 Updated: November 23rd,2017

High-Precision, High-Accuracy Timekeeping in Distributed Survey Systems

We show that clock synchronisation on the order of 100-150ns (rms) is readily achievable in a modern MBES-based survey system utilising an Ethernet-based time synchronisation mechanism and some custom timekeepingsoftware. We also sho...

Stars: 92 Updated: November 23rd,2017

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