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Timeline of ivan the terrible


The Testament ofIvantheTerrible

Cornelia Soldat, Das Testament Ivans des Schrecklichen von 1572: Eine kritische Aufklarung/A...

Stars: 40 Updated: September 8th,2018

Fearful Majesty: The Life and Reign ofIvantheTerrible

An academic directory and search engine.

Stars: 69 Updated: September 8th,2018

Have the "helmet ofIvantheTerrible" belonged to IvantheTerrible?

The subjekt of interest is so-called "helmet ofIvantheTerrible" (Livrustcammaren< Stockholm). Text put some arguments conserning new belonging an date ofthe helmet and connect it with political struggle of late 15 - early 16 st.

Stars: 96 Updated: September 8th,2018

Eisenstein's choreography in IvantheTerrible

This article deals with the dance-related layer of Eisenstein's Gesamtkunstwerk-film, IvantheTerrible (Part 1, 1944; Part 2, 1946). Narrative and visu...

Stars: 62 Updated: September 8th,2018

The image ofIvantheTerrible in the national fine arts ofthe XX – beginning ofthe XXI century. Traditions and innovations

The article for the first time analyzes innovative and traditional trends in the works of modern artdevoted to the image ofIvantheTerrible. On the basis of art history and cultural-historical approaches theauthor reveals and analyz...

Stars: 159 Updated: September 8th,2018

The Reign ofIvantheTerrible: Domestic and Foreign Policy

The Reign ofIvantheTerrible: Domestic and Foreign PolicyDmitryLisejtsev...

Stars: 73 Updated: September 8th,2018

The Popular Image ofIvantheTerrible

The Popular Image ofIvantheTerribleMaureen PerrieModern Humanities Research AssociationThe Slavonic and East European ReviewMaureen Perrie, ‘The Popular Image ofIvantheTerrible’, Slavonic and East European Review , vol. 56, no...

Stars: 46 Updated: September 8th,2018


An encyclopedia entry for the war crime trial ofIvantheTerrible is presented. IvantheTerrible ran the engine which pumped carbon monoxide into the gas chambers at the concentration camp Treblinka in Poland. A car worker named Joh...

Stars: 20 Updated: September 8th,2018

IvantheTerrible as Renaissance Prince

The image ofthe “Terrible Tsar” struck the imagination of his contemporaries with such force that it continued to tower in Russian consciousness until quite recent times. In chronicles and tales, folk songs and sto...

Stars: 48 Updated: September 8th,2018

„Gramota” ofIvantheTerrible to Alexander Lapusneanu

„Gramota” ofIvantheTerrible to Alexander LapusneanuTranslationZAGNAT,Nicolai...

Stars: 72 Updated: September 8th,2018

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