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Transposable element contributions to plant gene and genome evolution

343–353. Alan R. Liss, New York (1985). Bennetzen JL: The contributions of retroelements to plant genome organization, function and evolution. Trends Microbiol 4: 347–353 (1993... Bennetzen JL, Kellogg EA: Do plants have a one-way t...

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1.21 – Photosynthetic Pathways and Climate

8 - Success of C4 Photosynthesis in the Field: Lessons from Communities Dominated by C4 Plants 1999, C4 Plant Biology more Alan K. Knapp, Ernesto Medina 8 - Success of C4 ...In: Schulze ED , Heimann M , Harrison SP , Holland EA , Llo...

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Evidence of recovery from acidification in the macroinvertebrate assemblages of UK fresh waters: A 20-year time series

This paper deals with the 20-year (1988鈥 2008) record of macroinvertebrate sampling from the UK's Acid Waters Monitoring Network. At 12 of the 22 sites...

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A method for modifying plants by manipulating the activity of a combination of plant enzymes having starch synthase activity, in particular starch synthase II (SSII) and starch synthase III (SSIII). Modified plants, their use as food ...

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Leadership Style as Driver of Salespeoples' Customer Orientation

supervisor expresses a strong customer orientation this should have a strong impact on the behavior of his or her ... Clark, Paul W., Martin, Craig A., and Bush, Alan (2001), “The Effect of Role Model Influence on Adolescents' ... 10...

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Developmental capability of rat oocytes matured in vitro in defined medium

Abstract The normality of in vitro matured oocytes was compared to that of in vivo matured (ovulated) oocytes at the following stages of development: ge...

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Bacterial 16S rDNA polymerase chain reaction in the detection of intra-amniotic infection

(Medical Microbiology)1, Mikael Skurnik Researcher (Biotechnology)3, Olli Lassila Senior Researcher4 and Anna Alanen ...In this study, we report the use of bacterial PCR and sequencing to detect and identify bacteria in the amniotic f...

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Formation of lipoxin B by the pure reticulocyte lipoxygenase via sequential oxygenation of the substrate

Abstract The pure reticulocyte lipoxygenase converts 15LS-hydroxy-5,8,11,13(Z,Z,Z,E)-icosatetraenoic acid (15LS-HETE) methyl ester to a complex mixture of products containing 5DS,14LR,15LS-trihydro(pero)xy-6E,++ +8Z,10E,12E-icosatetra...

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G-banded karotype and ideogram for the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale (Eubalanea glacialis)

G-banded karotype and ideogram for the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale (Eubalanea glacialis)Published cytogenetic data for extant cetacean species remain incomplete. In a review of the literature, we found karyotypic ...

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Plasma antibodies against Trichomonas vaginalis and subsequent risk of prostate cancer.

T. vaginalis antibody serostatus was assessed by a novel ELISA in the laboratory of Dr. John F. Alderete. This assay... Rachael DePasquale and Alan Paciorek for preparing the samples for testing; Julie Giles, Justin Hardick, Paul Stam...

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