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Torque converter lockup symptoms


Development of TorqueConverterLockup Performance Evaluation Environment using SimulationX

In this paper, a lockup performance evaluation environment is developed using SimulationX by considering the engine vibration and the shaft torsional resistance. Every shaft is modeled as damper-spring system and the engine output tor...

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Torqueconverterlockup control

Torqueconverterlockup controlThomas Alan GeniseRonald Keith Markyvech...

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Torqueconverter with lockup clutch unit

Torqueconverter with lockup clutch unitTakahiro YamamoriKazuyoshi IwanagaKunio Ohtsuka...

Stars: 51 Updated: January 23rd,2018

Torqueconverterlockup strategy

According to a torqueconverterlockup control, a lockup actuator, including a lockup solenoid, is operative responsive to an output command signal issued by a controller to adjust lockup clutch engagement force to a commanded value...

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Torqueconverter equipped with lockup control unit

Torqueconverter equipped with lockup control unitTakao FukunagaAkira Inoue...

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Method of and apparatus for utilizing and operating a hydrokinetic torqueconverter with lockup clutch

The power train of a motor vehicle employs a torque transmitting apparatus having a hydrokinetic torqueconverter with a lockup clutch and a torsional damper between the output member of the clutch and the hub of the turbine in the co...

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Torqueconverter with coast lockup

A torqueconverter, including: an axis of rotation; a cover arranged to receive torque in a first circumferential direction for a drive mode; an impeller non-rotatably connected to the cover; a turbine in fluid communication with the ...

Stars: 43 Updated: January 23rd,2018

Torqueconverter with lockup device

A torqueconverter for an automatic transmission includes a first fluid flow path for supplying a fluid to a pump cavity, a second fluid flow path for removing the fluid from the pump cavity, and a third fluid flow path for supplying ...

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The invention relates to a method and a sealing system for sealing the space between a piston and the hub of a torqueconverterlockup clutch. According to said method and said sealing system, the seal is pretensioned with its cylindr...

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Lockup control device for a torqueconverter

lockup control device for a torqueconverter the direct connection of the pump and turbine, and with an actuating device comprising a car speed

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