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A fall detection device for a lifeline, intended to be mounted on an energy absorber which includes a static portion and a mobile portion secured together, wherein the mobile portion is shifted in the event of a force higher than a fo...

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Upgrading Seismic Reliability of Large Scale Lifeline Networks

For each measure the sequence that strengthens each component is defined for the upgrading of the seismic reliability of the total system. Lifeline components are assumed to fail because... Switch to Mobile Site Recommended articles A...

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Viewing personal history records: A comparison of tabular format and graphical presentation using LifeLines

The total number of errors for the LifeLines condition was higher than for the Tabular condition which we expected. Appendix 2 shows most of the errors occurred for questions in which...(approximate date with good location clue) 8 A c...

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The lifeline express - a mobile ear clinic for rural India.

The objectives of this study were to review the application and feasibility of providing screening, diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment for patien...

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Men aged 25 - 44 made up about 40% of total suicides for 1998.14 Men aged 25 - 44 have the highest age specific rate of suicide with an 80% higher suicide incidence rate... The difficulties often associated with mobile phones were b...

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Visual acuity outcome of phacoemulsification with intraocular lens implantation in lifeline express at Jinzhong

Objective To evaluate visual outcome of phacoemulsification with intraocular lens implantation performed in a mobile surgical unit(Lifeline express) at ...

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An evaluation of the lifeline-rate structure using total welfare as a measure of efficiency

The claim made by proponents of the lifeline rate that such a rate structure would lead to the efficient allocation of resources, conservation of electr...

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GUEST COLUMN: We Must Keep Colorado's Call Centers

In June 2012, T-Mobile USA shuttered its call center in Thornton, eliminating 441 jobs and closing the doors on the city's third- largest employer. Unfortunately, Thornton was just one of seven communities where T-Mobilecall centers...

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The reserves and allocation of mobile emergency power based on urban lifeline

In order to ensure the normal operation of urban functions and minimize the total loss of society in a large area blackout, first, this article optimize...

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Lifeline Systems, Inc. (A)

Lifeline Systems provides emergency response equipment to the elderly who live at home. The company uses local hospitals to market, sell, and install these units in homes, while the hospital monitors and calls for aid to respond to em...

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