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Traditional chili with ground turkey


Made leaner: you don't have to pig out to enjoy pigskin Sundays. Try these eight lower-calorie snacking options that pack just as mu...

INSTEAD OF REGULAR CHILI * Prepare chiliwith half the beef and twice the beans, or make it with 100% groundturkey breast. INSTEAD OF STUFFED POTATO SKINS * Go for homemade wedges. Peel 4 medium sweet potatoes. Cut lengthwise into ch...

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Talking turkey

Features several recipes using turkeys. Groundturkey and black-beam chili; Sauteed turkey cutlets with orange sauce; Turkey burgers with sun-dried tomato catsup; Turkey ragout with lemon and tarragon.

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Auntie Kathy’s Chili

Born and raised in the Boston area, this is her Aunt Kathy’s recipe. As the weather turns colder, get cozy on the couch with a hot bowl of this delicious chili, ...(If using groundturkey, add additional cumin to the meat at this ...

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Chinese 5-spice Egg Rolls

Ever since I made {Family Fresh Cooking’s} Chinese 5-Spice Harvest Chili for Secret Recipe Club, I’ve been craving the 5-spice.  It’s one the few spice mixes that I have in my cabinet because I mostly prefer to make my own (pumpki...

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Cornmeal Biscuits Make Chili a Pot Pie

It's chiliwith soda crackers. Chiliwith corn bread. Some people even eat chiliwith macaroni. It's called chili-mac, but it's more of a Midwestern corruption of a winter ... 1/2 pound lean ground beef or groundturkey 1/4 teaspoon c...

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and served with a salad and dinner rolls and Hearty Beef-and Tortellini Supper, which uses dry red wine and may be substituted with beef broth and groundturkey and topped with..... Several recipes including chicken pot pies, piccolo ...

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