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Tuition reimbursement letter


Tuitionreimbursement: A wise investment when managed properly

Tuitionreimbursement: A wise investment when managed properlyMatthes, Karen...

Stars: 79 Updated: March 23rd,2018

Tuitionreimbursement can help retain loyal employees

Recommends tuition assistance programs as a benefit offering for employees. History of educational assistance programs; Taxability of employee educational assistance benefits; Education assistance design; Visibility and utilization.

Stars: 68 Updated: March 23rd,2018

U.S. Scrutinizes Tuition-Reimbursement Program

University professors who get federal tax dollars to doresearch also are putting their...

Stars: 60 Updated: March 23rd,2018

Survey of TuitionReimbursement Loans Compensatory and Countermeasure Analysis——Taking Southwest University as An Example

In recent years,in order to ease college students' employment pressure,Chinese government issued a series of preferential policies of college graduates...

Stars: 161 Updated: March 23rd,2018

Employer-Sponsored TuitionReimbursement in Wisconsin.

Information on tuitionreimbursement policies for employers near Wisconsin colleges is presented. Of the 26 campuses surveyed, six University of Wiscons...

Stars: 69 Updated: March 23rd,2018

Local corporations offer varied tuitionreimbursement plans

Focuses on the employee tuitionreimbursement plans offered by large corporations from Westchester County, New York and Fairfield County, Connecticut. In-house job retraining program of Tambrands Inc.; Provision of reimbursement at a ...

Stars: 75 Updated: March 23rd,2018

Debating Tuition-Reimbursement Programs

Today's HR professionals are required to have a vast amount of knowledge on a wide array of topics. Let WORKFORCE find the experts to answer questions o...

Stars: 51 Updated: March 23rd,2018

TuitionReimbursement a Recruiting, Retention Tool.(Brief Article)

TuitionReimbursement a Recruiting, Retention Tool.(Brief Article)O'REILLY, BRENDANArkansas Business...

Stars: 85 Updated: March 23rd,2018

Criteria for TuitionReimbursement Not Met

This article reports on the court decision on a labor dispute concerning the tuitionreimbursement of business courses that had taken and successfully completed by a teacher. As long as its determination was in accordance with its bar...

Stars: 53 Updated: March 23rd,2018

TuitionReimbursement and Special Education Services

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), guarantees children with disabilities...

Stars: 66 Updated: March 23rd,2018

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