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The Transnational Peasant Movement – Legalising Freedom from Want

individuals must be permitted to "exploit their productive potential by following their own plans and the opportunities to...87 R Cox "Gramsci, hegemony and international relations: an essay in method" in Stephen Gill (ed) Gramsci, H...

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Rights management system for digital media

(RM) server to an unsecured client which uses a World Wide Web (WWW) browser in a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)... Library patrons access a catalogue when they have a fairly good idea what they are looking for, and simply want to...

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Transporting a Legal System for Property Rights: From the Earth to the Stars

This plancalls for a non-governmental organization (NGO) to manage future commercialization of space, but the plan ...113 Craig Cox, The Great Open Ocean Sell-Off, Utne Nov-Dec 2004, 13-14. 114 SeaWeb, Aquaculture Trends and ...INTRO...

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Agent-Based Mixed-Initiative Collaboration: The ABMIC project final report

planning and learning system was modified to allow the user to make any decision that the system itself could (Cox & ...By the term agent, we simply mean some process that can perceive the environmental state within which it exists, c...

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Replies to Physicians, it's in your court now

I won’t argue what is a better system, but will simply be grateful that I have the autonomy that I do, and will... manages to assure 90% of patients that they will get a primary care appointment within 48 hours of calling and we ...J...

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Japan's Economic Development: Innovation as a Source of Economic Growth

as an opportunity, large firms tend to use their resource advantages to extract technology, and the new firms simply die... [5]“BoJ Overnight Call Rate–Japanese Central Bank’s Interest Rates,” Global Rates,

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A Reflective Perspective on the Challenges Facing Research-Led Teaching in the Performing and Creative Arts.

It concludes with a call for universities, students and employers to reject the false dichotomy between vocational and Higher Education 12(2–3) against offering free internships, unless interns are simply shadowing an existing ...

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Simplycalling something a team is not Enough: Improving multidisciplinary team working in cancer

react-text: 173 Background: Most patients presenting with advanced ovarian cancer (AOC) eventually relapse. Symptom palliation, maintenance of quality of life (QoL) and prolongation of life are primary therapeutic goals. /react-text ...

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Restructuring the Church Into Their Own Image

and calls him the ROCK of the EDIFICE here on earth; if He grants to that disciple the special powers of the ...example of Newman or Victorinus. They don't mind being a RENEW Catholic, but they don't want to be simply a ... be it Tho...

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The Carnegie Council Covers the New War

with Michael Walzer and Peter Maass pointing out that calling on the UN has become an excuse for inaction: “As the... a just war must seek to restore more than simply the status quo; it must also create conditions for a “more ... B...

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