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Do i have a learning disability quiz


Do You Worry Your Child Might HaveALearningDisability?

Read the original article.Neuroscience ION Publications LLC Source URL: Conversation...

Stars: 70 Updated: September 4th,2018

‘I won't think of meself as alearningdisability. But Ihave’: social identity and self-advocacy

In this paper the small body of research which looks at how people labelled as havinglearningdisabilities view this social identity is considered. The...

Stars: 133 Updated: September 4th,2018

A sense of loss: working with loss and people who havealearningdisability

For many years people with learningdisabilitieshavehad forgotten bereavements, forgotten grief and have often become forgotten people when it comes to meaningful support over the death of a loved one. This Learning Unit aims to exp...

Stars: 95 Updated: September 4th,2018

DOes the child with alearningdisabilityhavea biochemical defect?

SInce the brains of children with learningdisabilities are not available for direct study, neurobiochemical explanations for the characteristic features exhibited by these children must necessarily be hypothetical. There is considera...

Stars: 83 Updated: September 4th,2018

"I've changed my life" : understanding what helps offenders with alearningdisability to avoid reoffending

Thesis AbstractThis thesis aims to add to the evidence base regarding offenders with aLearningDisability (LD) living in UK communities. The thesis also aims to enhance the reader鈥檚 understanding about why offenders with a LD avoid...

Stars: 155 Updated: September 4th,2018

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