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Biocidal coating composition

The present invention prolongs the biocidal activity of hydrated lime in a paint or coating by using a sufficient amount...The coating also may be used to prevent the carbonation of lime in Portland cement and concrete. When used in ...

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Discreet motor vehicle window shade

26, Early Summer 1995 edition, Solutions, Portland, OR. Photocopy of packaging for Deluxe Sunscreen by Safety1st, ... said pull tab being disposed so that pulling said pull tab removes said shade from behind said first plastic interi...

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Wash tool

upper shoulder 126 to pull the sleeve 66 upward, and it will engage the lower shoulder 128 to pull the sleeve ...threaded insert ring 120 or 122 filled with a disintegratable material, which preferably is Cal Seal available from U...

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Drilling and cementing with phosphate-blast furnace slag

It is yet a further object of this invention to avoid disposal problems associated with used drilling muds. In ...strength and ductility as compared with Portland cement or cements made with slag, pozzolans, or other siliceous cemen...

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Apparatus for drying materials employing spaced microwave heating and transverse-flow moisture flushing stations

Inventors: Williams, Norman H. (San Francisco, CA) Schuette, Henry W. (Portland, OR) Application Number: 05/422127 ...However, other types of conveyor means such as, for example, belts and pull through conveyor means, can be employed ...

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Voice mail system with improved detection and cancellation

Nepple, Bruce C. (Portland, OR) Park, Michael C. (Portland, OR) Rosas, Robin R. (Beaverton, OR) ...A resistor 124 is the required pull down resistor for the output and the capacitor 126 filters internally generated noise... As expl...

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Impulse operated relay system

Inventors: Morgan, Ronald E. (5900 SE. Yamhill, Portland, OR, 97215) Application Number: 06/732520 Publication Date: ...detector that compares a pulsating output voltage from a bridge rectifier to a fixed reference voltage is describe...

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The dry blend includes white portland cement, titanium dioxide, refractory cement, and aggregate in the form of 150 to ... It is a further object of the present invention to provide an integrated marking material for fresh or hardened...

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Apparatus for automatically cleaning smelt spouts of a chemical recovery furnace

Moreover, even though the cleaner of U.S. Pat. 4,706,324 is manually removable from the smelt spout, as a ... It is another object of the present invention to provide an improved smelt spout cleaner that eliminates or minimizes ...Cl...

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Cement slurry composition and method to cement wellbore casings in salt formations

Such salt water Portland cement slurries can also be difficult to formulate due to interactions between the salt and the ...hydraulic refuse from the melting of metals or reduction of ores in a furnace as disclosed in Hale and Cowan, ...

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