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Usb mouse receiver driver


Mobile telephone as computer mouse

mouse button, said second computer mouse button being one of said left mouse button and said right mouse button, said ...outputs such as a microphone (not shown), any number of ports 120 (such as a USB, micro-USB, microSD card, etc...

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Communicating data in flows between first and second computers over a network

RGS also captures user keyboard and mouse inputs at the local computer, and sends the keyboard and mouse inputs to the...Although reference is made to “USB” and “IP” in the embodiments described, it is noted that techniques accord...

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Computer peripheral device with the functions of a radio, a microphone, and a mouse

A computer peripheral device with the functions of a radio, a microphone, and a mouse consists of a USB control interface, a mouse circuit, a radio circuit, and a microphone. The USB control interface has a USB port for being connecte...

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Implementing a USB-to-Infrared (Philips RCMM) Dongle

Implementing a USB-to-Infrared (Philips RCMM) Dongle... The microcontroller has to service the USB controller and at the same time decode and encode the data ... each conforms to the HID Class definition, be it a HID Keyboard, a HID m...

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Signal transmission system, signal transmission method, transmitting device and receiving device

In addition, the transmitting device transmits and receives a console signal such as a keyboard/mouse signal to/from the...5 via DVI (Digital Visual Interface) cables, and connected to the server 3 via a USB (Universal Serial Bus) cab...

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[[alternative]]A USBMouseDriver Generator for FreeBSD

[[abstract]]USB is a popular industry-standard extension to the PC architecture. It is a low-cost solution that supports transfer rates up to 480 Mb/s and it supports the hot plug and play mechanism and low power design. FreeBSD is a ...

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The USBMouseDriver Programming based on Kernel-2.6 in Linux

The Linux kernel Version 2.6 has modified a lot.This paper fisrt introduces the Linux device module and the changes of driver programming based on kerne...

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Mouse including storage

In some embodiments a mouse includes a user interface to interact with a computing device and storage to store information received from the computing device. Other embodiments are described and claimed.... After installing a special ...

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Embedded diver system for USBmouse

This paper designs an embedded driver system for USBmouse based on AT89S52 single chip microcomputer. The AT89S52 controls the main control chip of USB...

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Provided is a multi-functional wireless mouse apparatus. Components for performing various functions as well as a mouse function are added to a wireless mouse and a receiver that is connected to a USB port of a computer to communicate...

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