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Distribution of hydrogen peroxide and formaldehyde over Central Europe during the HOOVER project

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Genome plasticity in Lactococcus lactis

Abremski K, Hoess R & Sternberg N (1983) Studies on the properties of Pl site-specific recombination: evidence for topologically unlinked products following recombination. Cell 32: ... Roussel Y, Bourgoin F, Guedon G, Pebay M & Decar...

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A cluster-based approach for routing in dynamic networks

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Stars: 73 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Variable selection for multivariate failure time data.

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Stars: 70 Updated: February 23rd,2018

The Las Campanas/Palomar 10,000 Kilometer Per Second Cluster Survey. I. Properties of the Tully-Fisher Relation

However, isfcathtteerhwalhoesnevxThFibisittaakewnelal-t deÐned mass-size relationship, as embodied in equation (24)...a rotation The RCs curve were vÐc(trt)edmebaysuaredtwforo-pmartahme Hetaeremarics-- tangent function (eq. [3])...T...

Stars: 144 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Evidence for Strong and Weak Turbulence Processes in the Source Region of a Local Type III Radio Burst

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A special case of the Garnier system, $(1,4)$(1,4)-polarized abelian surfaces and their moduli.

(7) 2 such that L for O and there is an obvious projection becomes symmetric, L is the pull-back of a line ...(2) above one considers simple degenerate decompositions (instead of non-degenerate) tchoemnptohneendtescionmtphoesditeio...

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The Lens Parallax Method: Determining Redshifts of Faint Blue Galaxies through Gravitational Lensing

We propose in this paper a new systematic procedure, the lens parallax method, which may be used to obtain the the control be given as elds are functions expected of surface tborigbhetninedssepSe.ndWenetuosef tphoesistyiomnb...e...

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Storage management for knowledge bases

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Stars: 49 Updated: February 23rd,2018

On the Convergence of Reflective Newton Methods for Large-scale Nonlinear Minimization Subject to Bounds

The next result formalizes the simple observation that any member of V can be used interchangeably with any other, at ... ttyebdaenbcdyhcooAsnelgnsoissrtuietcnhhmcyth.5aSt,aunpwpdhoesneg is su ciently Yk is a matrix min(Mk) 0, (5....k...

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