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Valmont electric company


Electrical enclosure knockout structure

the aperture is disposed in a corner of the box defined by the one wall and an adjoining wall which coterminates ... US4366343 * 1978年2月21日 1982年12月28日 Slater Electric Inc. Cable clamp means and cable entry port closure means...

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The Hawaiian ElectricCompany Koolau-Pukele 138kV Line Structures #2 and #9 Replacement Project

The Hawaiian ElectricCompany Koolau-Pukele 138kV Line Structures #2 and #9 Replacement ProjectHawaiiRehabilitationElectric transmission linesThe Hawaiian ElectricCompany is the provider of ...A team of HECO engineers worked collabor...

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Fertilizer application and apparatus therefor

US4337786 * 1980年6月23日 1982年7月6日 Valmont Industries, Inc. Variable rate fertilizer injection system US4612783 * 1985年5月14日 1986年9月23日 Emerson ElectricCo. Selectively variable flowrate expansion apparatus US4660775 * 1985...

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Circuit for starting and operating fluorescent lamps

US3866088 * 1973年4月23日 1975年2月11日 New Nippon ElectricCo Discharge lamp starter device using a backswing voltage booster and characterized by the absence of a preheating ...Circuit for starting and operating fluorescent lampsUS...

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Cost Savers' Hall-of-Fame drafts Valmont's Foley. (ValmontElectric Purchasing Manager Ken Foley)

Porter, Anne Millen...

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Gas discharge lamp operating system

Connors ABSTRACT: A gas discharge lamp operating system electric circuit is shown in schematic form with a saturable ...cofnv ti on ii'l starting circuit 22. The secondary winding 19 is es connc ct'ed to a discharge lamp 2 1 having...

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ValmontElectric parts company with Alliance

Reports ValmontElectric Inc.'s relocation of its distribution and sales center at the Alliance Airport in Fort Worth, Texas. Sites for the distribution facility and sales center; Background information on ValmontElectric.

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US5619105 * 17 Ago 1995 8 Abr 1997 Valmont Industries, Inc. Arc detection and cut-out circuit US5623184 * 14 May 1996 22 Abr 1997 Gulton Industries, Inc. Lamp circuit with ... Apparatus and method for eliminating electric arc WO20080...

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Active ion transport across canine blood vessel walls.

The possible relationships of derangement of active ion transport mechanisms, produced by electric currents and tissue injury potential differences, to intravascular thrombosis are alluded to....Sawyer P.N., Levine J., Mazlen R., Valm...

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Laterally-disengageable highway marker assembly

US6910826 2002年10月30日 2005年6月28日 Valmont Industries, Inc. Breakaway coupling US6996946 * 2000年2月18日 2006年2月14日 Sergio Cazzolaro Structures which can be dismantled and... US8051627 * 2006年4月30日 2011年11月8日 General Ele...

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