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Deployment Model of an Underwater Sensor Network in a Swimming Pool Environment with a suitable Localization Scheme

Abstract-- Swimming Pool is one of the places where most of the children wish to be. But mostly the swimming pools do not have proper security measures to be done, in case of any emergency. In the world, in totality the reason for dea...

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On the M/G/1 queuewith batch service and compulsory server vacations

Abstract We study an M/G/1 queue with compulsory server vacations. There are single Poisson arrivals with mean arrival rate λ and the service is rendered in batches of fixed size M(≥ 1) or min(n,M). Each batch undergoes three stages...

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Automatic Service Graph Generation for Service Composition in Wireless Sensor Networks

Service Oriented Architecture has gained significant attention as programming model for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks. Its key idea is to explo...

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Vanitha (Mission to Empower the Living)

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