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A Geochemical Classification for Granitic Rocks

A GEOCHEMICAL CLASSIFICATION FOR GRANITIC ROCKS Caledonian granitoids because a significant number of full analyses are ...western North American, Baltica, Africa and Australia, and 344 gran- itoids of the Mesozoic batholiths of North...

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Framework for Performance Evaluation of Face, Text, and Vehicle Detection and Tracking in Video: Data, Metrics, and Protocol

detected object combinations and using an optimization strategy to max- imize the overall score for the sequence (Section ...Algorithm 1 F ace and V ehicle T racking Algorithm. Require: Three consecutive frames (current, previous, and...

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Review: Digital image steganography: Survey and analysis of current methods

[46] discussed an algorithm that utilises the probability density function (PDF) to generate discriminator features fed into a neural network system which detects hidden data in this ...The previous histogram is given by the following...

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How large are teacher effects? Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis

Barbara Nye Tennessee State University Spyros Konstantopoulos Northwestern University Larry V. Hedges The University of ...While this may not create an analytic problem for estimating relations at the level of the school as a unit of ...

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Traffic modeling for telecommunications networks

2 makes it clear how to randomly generate the next random element in the sequence {X,};=ofrom a previous one: this...Rare-Event Simulation W ith the improved reliability of telecommu- nications networks, rare eventshave become an ...1...

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IP lookups using multiway and multicolumn search

Adding a new pre x Q dotted line can cause all regions between an H and an L to move from Pre x P to Pre...Thus the algorithm terminates after OalgNor+ithMmatxermtiminea.teWs we hsetnreassll array again elements that this ...Lake...

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Population-Based Incremental Learning. A Method for Integrating Genetic Search Based Function Optimization and Competitive Learning

Although the settings of population size and the mutation probability and shift can have a significant impact on the ...a GA, there is an abundance of literature describing the tuning of the analogous parameters in standard genetic al...

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Putting energy back in control

Assigning an energy function with a minimum at the desired value is usually re- ferred to as energy shaping whereas while the modifi- cation of the dissipation is called damping ...The simplest way to satisfy condition (3) and shape t...

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Errata: a formal basis for architectural connection

(or more) components can wait in the middle of an interaction, each port expecting the other to take some action that...Being able to determine whether a connector is deadlock free provides a kind of sanity check on the connector type...

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Objective picture quality scale (PQS) for image coding

fo. The frequency weighted error ew(m n), then, is just the contrast adjusted error, ltered with Sa(u v). In ...In contrast to the the vicinity of other factors, high F5 is based on an analysis of the original image, as well ...assign...

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