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Education for Citizenship: The Argentine Case in Comparison.

coordinator and controller of the overall educational design (LFE, Art. 2)...Vanossi, R (2001) La decadencia de la educación cívica. La carencia de...

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Suppressing nano-scale stick-slip motion by feedback

Vanossi, and M. Urbakh, Phys. Rev. E 78, 036110 (2008). 27R. ...W. Li, Optimal design of feedforward controller for piezoelectric ceramic ...

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Spatial tracking system and method

Vanderstel, Nicholas J. (Twin Lake, MI, US) Vanoss, Jeffrey Lee (Holland, MI, US) Application...20. The portable device of claim 1, wherein said controller programmed to determine said spatial information absent ...

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Atomic-scale friction control by vibration using friction force microscope

The feedback vibrational controller (35) solves the tracking control problem ...Vanossi, A., & Braun, O. M. (2007). Driven dynamics of simplified ...

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Locomotion of Microscopic Robots in Viscous Fluids

The controller could respond to avoid damage to the robot or its surroundings by either fixing the problem (e.g....[78] Andrea Vanossi et al. Modeling friction: From nanoscale to mesoscale. Reviews of Modern Physics, 85:529–...

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Imaging and Characterization of Magnetic Micro- and Nanostructures Using Force Microscopy

Vanossi, A, Manini, N, Urbakh, M, Zapperi, S, Tosatti, E (2013)...I. Controller design. J Appl Phys 80: pp. 1951-1958 Bruland, KJ, ...

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