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LINUX DEVICEDRIVERS 3rd edition phần 6 pps

This is the Title of the Book, eMatter EditionCopyright © 2005 O’Reilly & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.302Chapter 12CHAPTER 12PCI DriversWhile Chapter 9 introduced the lowest levels of hardware control, this chapter pro-vide...

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Solving the starting problem:devicedrivers as self-describing artifacts

Run-time conflicts can affect even the most rigorously tested software systems. A reliance on execution-based testing makes it prohibitively costly to t...

Stars: 92 Updated: March 21st,2018

Installation utility for devicedrivers and utility programs

An improved method of installing devicedrivers or utility programs on a data processing system is disclosed. Provided are a plurality of command specifications relating to installation operations for the devicedrivers or the utility...

Stars: 77 Updated: March 21st,2018

A lightweight method for building reliable operating systems despite unreliable devicedrivers

Studies have shown that software averages 1-16 bugs per 1000 lines of code [27, 22, 2] and this range is surely an underestimate because only bugs that were ulti- mately found...Microsoft, which has the motivation and resources to app...

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Understanding modern devicedrivers

Devicedrivers are the single largest contributor to operating-system kernel code with over 5 million lines of code in the Linux kernel, and cause signi...

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Domain-Specific Languages: from Design to Implementation Application to Video DeviceDrivers Generation

For example, given that there were a small number of ways to communicate, which varied among cards, there must be ...For example, in the GAL language we have inten- tionally not introduced loops, which insures that all devicedrivers ...

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Lateral control assistance for car drivers: a comparison of motor priming and warning systems

In the second session, the three remaining deviceswere tested. In both sessions, two trials withoutdriving assistance devices (control trial) were alternated with two trials with a ...In straight lines, a main effect (d = 63 ms, δ>...

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Configuring a computer for using mobile devices as input and output devices

A method determines mobile devices for connection to a computer that has an operating system for a user session. Then, the method configures devicedrivers to enable communication between the operating system and the mobile devices. T...

Stars: 98 Updated: March 21st,2018

Thorough static analysis of devicedrivers

Bugs in kernel-level devicedrivers cause 85% of the system crashes in the Windows XP operating system [44]. One of the sources of these errors is the c...

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Active DeviceDrivers

We develop a practical solution to the problem of automatic verification of the interface between devicedrivers and the operating system. Our solution ...

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