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Camber wakeboard

The inventive skate technology comprises a wakeboard or other type of floatation board, particularly, but not solely, designed for use behind a watercraft and which has a longitudinal arc that curves from the lowest points upward at t...

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Design rules for composite sandwich wakeboards

Wakeboarding is a water sport born in the mid 1980s that derives from surfing and water skiing. The objective of this work is to understand the failure ...

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Wakeboard tower, Copyright 2002., Copyright 2001-2002., Copyright 2001-2002., Copyright 20...

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Adjustable, high wrap wakeboard binding, system and method

An adjustable wakeboard binding for use on a wakeboard comprising sheet material to form a heel assembly and a forefoot assembly of a boot-like enclosure. The binding is adjustable to a desired tension and foot size of a user by the u...

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Certamen de "Wakeboard" en Embalse


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Wakeboard bindings, wakeboards including such bindings, and related methods

Wakeboard bindings may comprise a first member configured for connection to a wakeboard. A selective retaining device comprising at least one retaining member may be connected to and disposed at a periphery of the first member. A seco...

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The article offers advice on purchasing a wakeboard. The two main components of a wakeboard include the board and the bindings. It cites the benefits of using a wakeboard with rounder edges or rails. Buyers should match the board size...

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Towed straddle riding attachment for wakeboards

The WakeMX system is a specially designed BMX bike frame used for towable water sports activities. It has a uniquely designed Swing arm action that allows for “Carving” on the water to change angles of direction by the rider. It has...

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Installing a Wakeboard Tower

The article offers step-by-step instructions for installing Monster Tower's MTI wakeboard tower onto a motorboat.

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Wakeboard tower

An arch shaped structural member suitable for use as a wakeboard tower including a pair of legs and a crosspiece supported by the legs, both of the legs and the crosspiece being a coreless cast structural member characterized as a cas...

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