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An adjustable wakeboard binding (10) for use on a wakeboard (12) comprising sheet material to form a heel assembly (30) and a forefoot assembly (36-38) of a boot-like enclosure. The binding (10) is adjustable to a desired tension and ...

Stars: 65 Updated: February 16th,2018

Soft wakeboard and method

A soft wakeboard for use behind watercraft, the wakeboard having a central torsion box with front and rear fin blocks, to secure front and rear fins thereto, and strengthened foam core blocks on either side to provide a foam core mate...

Stars: 33 Updated: February 16th,2018

Motorized wakeboard

A wakeboard assembly transports a rider across a body of water. The rider defines a rider center of gravity. The wakeboard assembly includes a hull that extends between a stem and a stern. The hull defines an interior compartment and ...

Stars: 25 Updated: February 16th,2018


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Stars: 12 Updated: February 16th,2018

Wakeboard jump enhancement system

A jump enhancement system is provided for use while riding upon a water or snow planing apparatus towed behind a boat or snowmobile. The system includes an aerodynamic lift generator, such as a parachute, coupled to the user. Most pre...

Stars: 43 Updated: February 16th,2018

Wakeboard rack

A rack apparatus for storing at least one wakeboard (27,29) in a skiboat having a vertically extending tow pylon (12), comprising: a collar assembly (20) being adapted to support the rack and wakeboards from the vertically extending p...

Stars: 18 Updated: February 16th,2018

Rotatable wakeboard support

A wakeboard support includes a clamp fixed a substantially vertical standard on a boat. The clamp has an outside surface that is substantially rotationally symmetric about an axis aligned with the standard. A collar surrounds the clam...

Stars: 35 Updated: February 16th,2018

Wakeboard outerbase support shell and bladder combination

A wakeboard foot binding combination including a base plate having a lower surface for contact with the upper surface of the wakeboard and having an upper surface on which to mount a foot binding, the base plate forming a pair of arcu...

Stars: 74 Updated: February 16th,2018

Wakeboard and kiteboard with curved fins and methods of use

A water floatation board includes a pair of curved side fins for an increase in holding power of the board when in the matter, and without increasing drag during board use. Each curved side fin has a concave surface that faces a cente...

Stars: 77 Updated: February 16th,2018

Wakeboard binding lubricant and method of using same

A water soluble composition for use as a wakeboard binding lubricant consisting essentially of glycerine, propylene glycol, sorbitol, methylparaben, benzoic acid, hydroxyethyl cellulose, sodium hydroxide and water. A method of use is ...

Stars: 68 Updated: February 16th,2018

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