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Costs associated with the primary prevention of type 2 diabetes mellitus in the diabetes prevention program.

To describe the costs of the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) interventions to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. We describe the direct medical costs, ...

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Location event advertising

Information about physical places is gathered to develop quality scores for targeting advertisements to users of mobile devices sharing geographic location events with service providers. A scoring model incorporates selected attribute...

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Labor recruitment and immigration in the eastern North Carolina food industry.

The food industry has been responsible for much of the immigration into North Carolina, with fruit and vegetable agriculture and factories for processin...

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Frankenweenie-dirt | GeekMom |

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Switching to Solar

What We Can Learn from Germany's Success in Hamessing Clean Energy

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Mission: impossible! Gewerkschaften und Arbeitsfrieden in China

Streiks sind in China an der Tagesordnung. Die Rolle der Gewerkschaften dabei ist widersprüchlich. Sie sind zwar die mitgliederstärksten Gewerkschaften der Welt, aber die meisten Beschäftigten halten sie für nutzlos. Obwohl sich ...

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Formal and Real Authority in Organizations

This paper develops a theory of the allocation of formal authority (the right to decide) and real authority (the effective control over decisions) withi...

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Export permissions in a claims-based social networking system

A social graph, which records the actions of users in a social networking system platform, may be modeled at least in part as a collection of claims that may be exported to other systems, such as third party publishers, based on permi...

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Authentic Brands Group

Brands that James has controlled or partnered in include Marilyn Monroe, TapouT, Prince Tennis, Hickey Freeman, Hart Schaffner Marx, Palm Beach, Misook, Christopher Blue, Sportcraft, Ride Snowboards, Polaroid, House of Marley ( Bob Ma...

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Voice recognition system and method

A method of matching an utterance comprising a word to a listing in a directory using an automated speech recognition system by forming a word list comprising a selection of words from the listings in the directory; using the automate...

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