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West marine athletic boat shoes


Shoe for marine and athletic activities

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Marine craft and apparatus including electroluminescent auxiliary illumination

1. Apparatus for marine use, comprising: an immersible structure having at least one transparent or semi-transparent ... athleticshoes, skis, ski poles, snowboards, skateboards, in-line skates, bicycles, surf boards, water skis, jet...

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Water shoe

D345458 Shoe upper March, 1994 Lacoraza et al. D342145 Water moccasin December, 1993 Yeh D342369 Athleticshoe ... WestMarine. WestMarine Unisex Strappy Aqua Socks. On-line catalog,, 1 total page, ... Spo...

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Slip-resistant sole

D285985 Shoe sole October, 1986 Tong D2/320 4570362 Elastomeric support surface with a network of sculptures, notably a so-called "marine" shoe sole February, 1986 Vermonet 36/59C... 4378641 Boatshoe April, 1983 Tarlow 36/32 4364190...

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8. A footwear construction comprising: an upper; a sole assembly including a heel portion and defining a void ... FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a boatshoe; FIG. 2 is an outside view of a sole assembly of the boatshoe ... West Mar...

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Shoe sole structures with deformation sipes

A construction for a shoe, particularly an athleticshoe, which includes a sole that conforms to the natural shape of the foot shoe, including the bottom and the sides, when that foot sole deforms naturally by flattening under load wh...

Stars: 56 Updated: March 24th,2018

Replaceable shoe sole

A replaceable shoe sole is comprised of a mid-sole, which is securely attached to the upper portion of the shoe, ... 2. The athleticshoe of claim 1 wherein the width of said ridge at its widest point is greater than the width of...2...

Stars: 27 Updated: March 24th,2018

Water-resistant and floatable footwear and method of manufacture therefor

In particular, the insole of the footwear is constructed of the material “marine buoy;” that is, the insole has an... 6120880 Performance enhancing athleticshoe components and methods Crow 6035554 Asymmetrical reversible article o...

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Marine fender and cushion device

There is disclosed an improved foldable marine fender and cushion combination device which is formed by a base formed by an enlarged rectangular pliable sheet having opposed side edges, a top edge and a bottom edge, a plurality of pai...

Stars: 42 Updated: March 24th,2018

Collapsible athleticshoe

A collapsible athleticshoe featuring an athleticshoe having a foot portion with an inner cavity, the foot portion can move between an extended position and a collapsed position; a first strap extending out of a first side of the sol...

Stars: 31 Updated: March 24th,2018

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