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What does conveyed mineral rights mean


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The WHO report was misinterpreted to mean that 60–90% of cancers were the result of industrial pollution of air... Subsurface rights transferred to DOE by BLM in 1990 Custodial access agreement in 1996 conveys title of the rad ...

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Sheet separating and conveying apparatus having friction releasing device to separate convey and friction means

The present invention provides a sheet separating and conveying apparatus for separating stacked sheets and for conveying a separated sheet, comprises a sheet conveymeans for conveying the sheet, a friction means disposed in a confro...

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Procedure to convey by pneumatic means bulk material along transporting line entails increasing porosity of slugs of bulk material b...

The procedure entails the pneumatic feed of bulk material in the form of discrete slugs(5) separated by a gas cushion, the porosity of the slugs being increased at least locally by repeated changing of the relative velocity between sl...

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The Soviets and the Falklands War: opportunity in Latin America

B. THE QUESTION OF SOVEREIGNTY The primary Argentine case for sovereignty over the islands relies on the right of to Galtieri's policies were conveyed by U.S. military visitors. Due to the nature of the Argentine military...

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mineral interests in several parcels of land to Amoco, but retained a 12.5 percent overriding royalty on the proceeds ...Further, the weight of evidence leads me to conclude that the defendants sought to use White Rose as a means of...

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Do Radiologists Convey Accurately to Clinicians What They Mean in Dictated Reports?

ABSTRACT PURPOSE/AIM 1. To demonstrate the clinicians’ preference for specific phrases in radiology reporting. 2. To quantify the clinicians understanding of the probability of disease when various terms are used in a report. 3. To...

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Monash University EPress

4 The exhibition deserves wider scrutiny as an institution in its own right and as a Victorian period as well as a ...20 Not at all deterred, he continued to seek out by popular means and advertisement ‘cases … arising from errors...

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Information on mean firing rate, fluctuation and synchrony conveyed by neuron ensembles with finite populations 1

ABSTRACT A population of firing neurons is expected to carry not only mean firing rate but also its fluctuation and synchrony among neurons. In order to examine this possibility, we have studied responses of neuronal ensembles to thr...

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”Arabness” in the Syrian Media: political messages conveyed by linguistic means

Abstract The historically fragmented society of Syria is a source of potential tension between the ruling 'Alawi minority on the one hand and the ruled Sunni majority and other minority sects on the other hand. In order to gain the go...

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Parts and pertinents in conveyancing - what exactly does this mean?

Judicial and academic interpretation of phrase "parts, privileges and pertinents" of property used in Scottish conveyancing practice. © 2011 Sweet & Maxwell

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