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What is video interviewing



The article focuses on videointerviewing. Topics discussed include the advantages offered by videointerviewing compared to face-to-face interview, tips for recruiters when conducting a videointerview, and a study by consultancy Rig...

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Whatis Narrative Interviewing

This was presented at the 5th ESRC Research Methods Festival in July 2012.

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Using VideoInterviewing to Enhance Verbal Participation in Counseling Interviews: A Case Study

Article describes how counselors can build a therapeutic relationship, develop understanding, and foster self-esteem with a young client through the use...

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1. CBQ REVIEW ESSAY: A Review of Recent Sources in Mass Media Interviewing, 1998–2006

Interviewing has, of course, become a common place occurrence. Most adults are familiar with the nature of the transaction, but perhaps not with the complexity of whatis actually happening. Modern interviewing as we have come to unde...

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Asynchronous videointerview system

A system for asynchronous videointerviewingis provided. The system comprises a computer, storage device accessible by the computer, and software executing on the computer for forwarding interviewer video questions stored on the stor...

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Whatis problem-centred interviewing?

This talk was presented at the 6th ESRC Research Methods Festival in July 2014.

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Whatis qualitative interviewing?

Whatis Qualitative Interviewing? is an accessible and comprehensive ‘whatis’ and ‘how to’ methods book. It is distinctive in emphasizing the impor...

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Whatis an expert in medical interviewing?

PubMed comprises more than 22 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Citations may include l...

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Video: Whatis narrative interviewing?

This was presented at the 5th ESRC Research Methods Festival in July 2012.

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On-Demand, Web-Based Interactive VideoInterviewing

A method and system for an on-demand web-based interactive videointerviewing process provides a convenient and flexible way for candidates and employers to perform an interview in a more objective manner. This on-demand web-based int...

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