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Container label with tear-off part

Container label with tear-off partMaliner Bruce JosephPastrich DavidHester James Kenneth...

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Container label with tear-off part

A label for a soft drink bottle or other container. The label is an elongated strip of flexible material having first and second ends, inner and outer surfaces and upper and lower edges. A first quantity of adhesive is applied to the ...

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It's as easy as tearingoff a bandage: private label first aid sales have seen significant growth over the last six years, primarily...

Parham, Kate...

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The Don Draper complex: Consuming work, productive leisure and marketer boundary work

cutting-edge fashion by labels such as Comme des Gar莽ons, Ksubi, and Dsquared that also functioned as their evening ... symbolically communicated the anti-bureaucracy integral to the renegade spirit of the coolhunters. In 'tearing d...

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The Urban Question under Planetary Urbanization

What is interesting about these labels is that all try to follow Lefebvre's lead, all try to come to grips with the... not only warping space but physically tearing it apart, too, creating a hidden speculative realm of financial quark...

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Tearoff the label: The older student and SLD.

Outlined is the Special Academic Development Program devised by the author, a specific learning disabilities consultant at the secondary level. (JG)

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Labels, cognomes, and cyclic computation: an ethological perspective.

labeling, simply restates the pre-minimalist argument that a phrasal head projects but does not explain why it projects....If the procedure involved in stripping stems and tearingoff petioles is indeed hierarchical, then the gorillas...

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Tearingoff the labels

Reviews the book `The Lenses of Gender: Transforming the Debate on Sexual Inequality,' by Sandra Lipsetz Bem.

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Naming, Paradise Lost , and the Gendered Discourse of Perfect Language Schemes

Abstract Top of page Abstract II III In the seventeenth century, the search for perfect language was a major European intellectual movement. The quest w...

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Tearingoff the Labels: Service-Learning Principles in Action

Read the full-text online article and more details about "Tearingoff the Labels: Service-Learning Principles in Action" by Case, Vince - Green Teacher,...

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