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A telephone device (119) includes a main display (101) and a microdisplay (100). The microdisplay (100) is located in flippable portion of the telephone device (119) for viewing large high-resolution images and can be activated when a...

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Short-term velocity variations at three rock glaciers and their relationship with meteorological conditions

Wirz et al.: Short-term variability in rock glaciers Figure 10. Visible ...A key advantage of the SNRT method is that the smooth- ing windows ...How- ever, in most former studies, temporal resolution was toolow to be...

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Resolution Dependence of Nonhydrostatic Models in Simulating the Formation and Evolution of Low-Level Clouds during a “Yamase” Event

These results indicate that NHM01 reproduces the characteristic properties of the low-level clouds. In contrast, in simulations using the NHM with the low-resolution of 10 km (NHM10), the mixed layer is too moist and its height ...

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Ultrafast excited state relaxation in long-chain polyenes

windows and 200-lm path- length, the probe ...the time resolution is toolow to enable observation...Physics 373 (2010) 115–121 121 [10] A.P...

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Bayesian multi-resolution spatial analysis with applications to marketing

Marketing researchers have become increasingly interested in spatial datasets. A main challenge of analyzing spatial data is that researchers must a pri...

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Segmentation of 4D cardiac MRI: Automated method based on spatio-temporal watershed cuts

in C and runs on both Linux and Windows. The...temporal and the spatial resolution are toolow....doi:10.1016/j.imavis.2010.01.001J. Cousty...

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Return to [Log-]Normalcy: Rethinking Quenching, The Star Formation Main Sequence, and Perhaps Much, Much More

windows similar to those of the data (green ...10 Abramson et al. Fig. 9.— The G13 z ≈...etc.—are toolow-resolution to be discriminating...

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W49A North: Global or Local or No Collapse?

At either resolution the peak in the direction ...toolow for all of the relative abundances ...Fig. 10.— Results for the final Shu global ...

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Queried virtual shadow maps

Windows Media PlayerReal Player Did you know ...toolow shadow map resolution, leading to so-...doi:10.1145/1230100.1230112Markus Giegl...

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Detection and Minimisation of Skywave Interference in Loran-C Receivers

If the value chosen is toolow, the resolution of the result will be ...with interface sot'o,vare that runs on a PC under DOS or Windows. It...

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