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Windows clean up utility


Scalable error detection using boolean satisfiability

(e.g., Windows drivers in the case for SLAM) carry out error recovery and cleanup work. ...In a small num- ber of widely called utility ...

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3D view for digital photograph management

Operating systems such as Mac™ OS X, Windows™ XP and KDE™ often ...This can limit the utility of collections of thousands of images. However, ...If so, step 350 follows to perform a file clean-up and a closing of ...

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The Architecture of Participation: Does Code Architecture Mitigate Free Riding in the Open Source Development Model?

one developer could improve her utility by coding...Microsoft Windows™ today competes with Linux in...cleanup the patch, write a ChangeLog entry, ...

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XWRAP: an XML-enabled wrapper construction system for Web information sources

The machine runs Windows NT 4.0 Server and there...It is a utility routine that invokes Swing to ...CleanUp Your Web Pahes with HTML TIDY. http:...

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