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Diminutive suffixes


The DiminutiveSuffixes and the Diminutive Tone Sandhi in Ningde Dialect,Fujian Province

There are two diminutivesuffixes in Ningde dialect.[kiaη■]囝is connatural, which is remains as a productive diminutivesuffix denoting general smalln...

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A TIBETAN DIMINUTIVESUFFIXG. URAYMAGYAR TUDOMÁNYOS AKADÉMIAActa Orientalia Academiae Scientiarum HungaricaeUray G.A Tibetan diminutivesuffix. ActaO rientalia Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae . 1952Uray G. A Tibetan diminutive suff...

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The Hittite word for ‘son’ and the origin of the Indo-European diminutivesuffix *-lo-


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Semantics of diminutivesuffixes in the perception of native speakers of the Russian language: influence of contextual and social fa...

The article describes the typological relevant parameters of the oral speech subcorpus of Russian-Turkic bilinguals (Russian-Tatar, Russian-Shor, Russian-Khakass bilingualism) which is being created in the framework of the South Siber...

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A Study of English DiminutiveSuffixes and the Characteristics of Their Nouns

English diminutivesuffixes play an important role in their word formation. This paper is intended to analyze the characteristics of the nouns with dimi...

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ON DIMINUTIVESUFFIXES : Folia Linguisticadoi:10.1515/flin.1992.26.3-4.339IOANA ŞTEFĂNESCUWalter de Gruyter, Berlin / New YorkFolia LinguisticaStefanescu, Ioana (1992): On diminutivesuffixes. Folia Linguistica XXVI (3-4), 339- 356...

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The Replacement of DiminutiveSuffixes in the New High German Period. A Time Series Analysis in Word Formation

react-text: 110 This paper tests the hypothesis that the rate of change in consumption is determined by the innovation in the income-generating process. The research is based on annual data covering the period from 1980 to 2005 for th...

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Historical affix lenition and OT : the case of yue dialects' diminutivesuffix

Iacoponi, LCheng, SKIacoponi, Luca. & Cheng, S. K. (2013a), 'Historical Affix Lenition and OT: The Case of Yue Dialects' DiminutiveSuffix. [Handout]. Annual Conference of the International Association of Chinese Linguistics (IACL). T...

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The Dutch DiminutiveSuffix and Palatalization in Medieval Dutch

Abstract Moderne Studien der Diminutivallomorphie im Standardniederländischen begründen die phonologische Basis ihrer Analysen nicht ausreichend. Der Autor lehnt die Interpretation von -tje in der Standardsprache als eine Sequenz vo...

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Diminutivesuffixes in modern Greek dialects

Diminutivesuffixes in modern Greek dialectsG. GiannoulopoulouGiannoulopoulou, G. (2010). "Diminutivesuffixes in modern Greek dialects," in E-Proceedings of 4th Modern Greek Dialects and Linguistic Theory, Chios, 75-80...

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