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The Concept of WorkEthics and Productivity

The Concept of WorkEthics and Productivity... 批量引用  收藏Workethic and academic performance: Predicting citizenship and counterproductive behaviorJP Meriac -  《Learning & Indiv...  -  2012  -  被引量:  17 ► In this study, workethic was compared with traditional predictors of academic performance. ► Academic performance was expanded to include grade po...

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Productivity and workethics

ABSTRACT In South Africa, there is a view that some industrial/economic problems arise from the nature, or lack of, an appropriate workethic. This pap...

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Challenges of Productivity and WorkEthics for Local Governments in Nigeria

The Nigerian public service (including the local government service) has gone through series of reforms and restructuring since 1976. The main aim of these reforms/guidelines has been to overcome the challenges of development and henc...

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A study on the effects of productivity of human resources in banking network and workethics

A study on the effects of productivity of human resources in banking network and workethicsDependabilityWorkethics Human resources productivityEffectivenessEfficiencyToday, human resources are considered as the most important assets...

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WorkEthics and Productivity in Local Government System in Nigeria, Problems and Prospects

The main thrust of this paper is motivated by the desire to examine the implications of the negative work attitudes that is prevalent among the employees of the local government system in Nigeria. The paper argued that the Nigeria loc...

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Surveying the Relationship between WorkEthics and Employee's Productivity

AbstractThe main aim of current research is surveying the relationship between workethics and employee's productivity of Lorestan province's Education Department. Its statistical society includes 205 formal employees of Lorestan prov...

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Protestant WorkEthic and Worker Productivity in a Mexican Brewery

ABSTRACT The present study examines the relationship of the Protestant workethic (PWE) to job satisfaction and productivity in a highly collectivistic...

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Culture, WorkEthics and Productivity in Nigeria

Productivity as conceptualized in this paper is, the volume of goods and services produced per unit of time by an individual or country. It examines productivity in Nigeria and submits that the Nigerian is hardworking and highly produ...

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The Ethics of Work: Productivity, the WorkEthic, and Bohemian Self-Determination

Productive labor has served as a measure of right action for centuries. Not surprisingly, many societies have made productivity a social imperative, systematically enforcing the workethic through culture and social institutions. The ...

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