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Video gamers and personality: A five-factor model to understand game playing style.

The authors focused on the specifics of participant’s primary play style (player versus player [PVP], player versus environment [PVE], or role-playing [RP]), specialization of the character (tank, healer, damage), character race (13 ...

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Perspectives on patients' history: methodological considerations on the example of recent German-speaking literature.

Abstract Patient-history is a recently developed branch of medical-historical search, and its methodology has not yet been sufficiently developed. In particular, the specific character of patient-centered research still has not receiv...

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Powwowing: Healing by the book - Good Book, that is

Powwowing: Healing by the book - Good Book, that isKim O'brien...

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Coordinated Action in the Massively Multiplayer Online Game World of Warcraft

Icons were often placed above the tanks to help healers identify them, but the author came to be very proficient at ...Part of the reason for our ability to explain it this way is based on our deep reservoirs of knowledge about WoW an...

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Feeling the power of healing ; Thousands at festival, powwow moved by the spirit

Feeling the power of healing ; Thousands at festival, powwow moved by the spiritKevin Taylor Staff writer...

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"I will own you": accountability in massively multiplayer online games.

Although this article primarily engages with theoretical approaches to studying online gender, the insights are informed by six years of participant observation in WoW as well as twenty ...Another player's toon was a healer, a typical...

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Games PS2 Shin Megami Tensei-Nocturne

One gets the immortality payoff of a religion, but without any of the obligations.115 The program of quests and physical trials that forms the core gameplay in WoW, however, ...Weapons and armor will break when their durability reache...

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Powwowing: A Persistent American Esoteric Tradition

Powwowing, or brauche in the Pennsylvania Dutch dialect, is a magico-religious practice whose chief purpose is the healing of physical ailments in huma...

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Treating Survivors of Torture and Refugee Trauma: A Preliminary Case Series Using Qigong and T'ai Chi

This paper seeks to explore the potential value of qigong and t'ai chi practice as a therapeutic intervention to aid in the treatment of survivors of to...

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Initial development of a Cultural Values and Beliefs Scale among Dakota/Nakota/Lakota people: a pilot study.

two Lakota cultural classes at the university, the Native American Student Council Annual Wacipi (Pow Wow), and the ...Wounding the spirit: Discrimination and traditional American Indian belief systems. Harvard Educational Review, 58...

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