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Short Gamma-Ray Bursts and Binary Mergers in Spiral and Elliptical Galaxies: Redshift Distribution and Hosts

(95% confidence); see the bot- tom left panel...L., Shectman, S., Phillips, M. M., Roth,...R., Angelini, L., Beardmore, A., Boyd, P...

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Follicular Dendritic Cells: Origin and Function

Newell MK, Vanderwall J, Beard K, Freed JH (...Phillips NE, Parker DC (1985) Subclass specificity...tom-off membrane fragments from the latter during...

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Genetic manipulations in aquaculture: a review of stock improvement by classical and modern technologies

Beardmore, 1999. Environmental sex determination: ...Phillips, C. Hough, S.E. McGladdery & J.R...Editions ORSTOM, Bondy, France. Volckaert, F...

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Second Malignant Neoplasms and Cardiovascular Disease Following Radiotherapy

5. Travis LB, Beard C, Allan JM, et al. ...140. Pickles T, Phillips N. The risk of well as Dr Tom Tenforde (President, NCRP)...

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Regional myocardial and organ blood flow after myocardial infarction: application of the microsphere principle in man.

tomog- raphy also supports those findings with a...Phillips HR, Steele RS, Rembert JC, Greenfield...Beardfeld PA, Wagner HN: The regional circulation...

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Paleogeographic reconstruction of the Eocene Idaho River, North American Cordillera

(GSA) Research grant, BP, Conoco Phillips, ...10.1130/0016-7606(2003)115<0714:TVCTOM> 2.0....Chetel L, Janecke SU, Carroll AR, Beard BL,...

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Effects of feed-borne Fusarium mycotoxins on hematology and immunology of laying hens.

(Microtest Plate 96-Well Round Bot- tom, ...Beardall, J. M., and J. D. Miller. 1994....D. Phillips. 1987. Effects of feeding ...

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The Land of Hope

100 poets against the war 55 54 100 poets against the war Life after wartime TomPhillips Some things never change. The garden bushes wag their beards like arguing theologians while the orange fists of passion fruit take cover in ...

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Undernutrition as an underlying cause of malaria morbidity and mortality in children less than five years old.

Dakar: ORSTOM. September 1987, 246. Reprinted ...32. Beard JL, 2001. Iron biology in immune ...Bayo L, Dackour R, Phillips C, Greenwood BM,...

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Iron and Intracerebral Hemorrhage: From Mechanism to Translation

Malecki EA, Devenyi AG, Beard JL, Connor JR....Guo B, Phillips JD, Yu Y, Leibold EA. Iron...Allkemper T, Tombach B, Schwindt W, Kugel H,...

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