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MyMemories?: Personal Digital Archive Fever and Facebook

They should not be dismissed as frivolous, time-consuming, dangerous, addictive or as the claiming of a bit of cyberspace for the marketing of a youthful self. As Foucault makes ...It goes without saying that the allure of the site is...

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Brushes with Fame: Thackeray and the Work of Celebrity

Put an- other way, the allure of a public world of fame extends its reach into and over a realm of memory and ...Arthur Pen- dennis, for one, spends the days of his London youth break- fasting Òwith a Peer, a Bishop, a ..., whose nov...

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Geographies of Youth/Young People

James Esson, A body and a dream at a vital conjuncture: Ghanaian youth, uncertainty and the allure of football, Geoforum, 2013, 47, 84 CrossRef 6 Nancy Worth, Making friends ...This article reviews the position of young people in geo...

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Moving Images: Fifth-Century Victory Monuments and the Athlete's Allure

in the city gymnasia and at the games, and encourage audiences to regard the youthful bodies on display as "spectacularized" objects, sources of both aesthetic and sensual pleasure....1998. 'Moving Images: Fifth-century Victory Monume...

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Digital Baroque:New Media Art and Cinematic Folds

Search for reviews of this book Cite this Item Cite This Item Copy Citation Export Citation Export to RefWorks ...This was a period that marked not only the representational trauma of youthful passage for a boy who later moved so...

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Fishing in Troubled Waters: Disquettes and Thiofs in Dakar

2003. 'Les etudiants: la vie, l'amour, et les etudes', African Studies Review 46 (2): 37-60. Nlandu-Tsasa, Comelis. 1997. La Rumeur au Zaire de Mobutu. Radio-trottoir ...2002.' Whiteman Kontri and the enduring allure of modemity among...

Stars: 75 Updated: September 5th,2018

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