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A year after police raid, Drew Street residents celebrate with block party

"One woman came up to me the other day while I was sitting in the frontyard, looked right at me and said, 'Hey, you sellin' marijuana?' " Ku said. "I laughed and ... Though gang activity dates back to the zoot suit era in Northeast L...

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The Jazz Loft Project

821 Sixth Avenue was a late-night haunt of musicians, including some of the biggest names in jazz—Charles Mingus, Zoot Sims, Bill Evans, and Thelonious Monk among them—and ... Robert Frank, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Salvador Dalí,...

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Flaunting the Freak Flag: Karr v. Schmidt and the Great Hair Debate in American High Schools, 1965–1975

African American Clothing in the Antebellum South (New York, 1997); Shane White and Graham White, Stylin': African American Expressive Culture from Its Beginnings to the Zoot Suit (...a group called GI's for Peace, representatives of...

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La Naissance du “Latin Jazz”

En 1943, Mario Bauza compose Tanga (« marijuana » en argot cubain) qui deviendra l’emblème du latin-jazz. Né d’une improvisation collective au club New Yorkais « La ...Le Tropicana, immense cabaret à ciel ouvert accueille de n...

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Review of Salazar, Ruben, Border Correspondent: Selected Writings, 1955-1970

a significant anti-Vietnam War movement." (p. 26) Salazar characterized the radical Chicano as "bato loco" -- or "a zoot suiter with a social conscience. He may be an ex-con, a marijuana smoker and dangerously defiant ... (but he is) ...

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The Kansas City Sessions

McClellan, Alabama, Young was found with marijuana and alcohol among his possessions. He was soon court-martialed. Young did not fight the charges and was convicted. He served one ...Young's playing style influenced many other tenor s...

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Rolling

Marijuana Miscellaneous Drug Information Nitrous OTC Drugs and Household Items Psychedelics Rare and Exotic Drugs Speedy DrugsEgo Erotica Fringe Society ...Now lightly tap the zoot on the roach end on a table or flat surface to make ...

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Green Politician's Drug Conviction Overturned

Shane Collins, 41, was sentenced to six weeks in prison last month following the discovery of 19 marijuana plants in the basement of his home in Brixton, south London. After ... Stylin': African American Expressive Culture from Its ...

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